family business:

​Our primary business since 1977 has been hauling services, clearing, grading, and excavating contracts. In the early years, David Johnson started out with a small hauling company consisting of a single tandem axle dump truck with him as the owner and operator.  In the late 1970’s and into the early 1980’s he was able to add a couple more trucks and drivers as he could afford them along with some heavy equipment such as loaders and dozers.  In 1984, he began acquiring land for development purposes in the Maysville area.  In the early 1990’s, David acquired his Excavating and Grading license. This allowed him to bid on private and government contracts for site work. During this time, he continued to expand the company acquiring assets for future endeavors.

From the mid 1990’s Jeremy Johnson, David’s son began working summers and weekends with his father learning the family business. Upon returning from college in 2001, Jeremy acquired his Highway Contracting License further expanding the company’s scope of work to include asphalt and concrete projects along with many other sub classifications of additional work such as bridge, marine, and ancillary commercial construction.  Some of these projects included multiple bicycle path projects for the Town of Emerald Isle, development of campgrounds with support facilities for the United States Department of Agriculture, multiple IDIQ (Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity) contracts for road maintenance in the Croatan National Forest.  Other projects include building pads for pre cast concrete buildings, as well as multiple environmental projects including rain gardens, boardwalk trails, and bioretention facilities for the City of Jacksonville.

Since the early years, David Johnson had been acquiring land with the intention to develop when the time was right.  In late 2008, Jeremy acquired his NC Building Contractor License further expanding the company’s scope of work to building residential and commercial projects. The following year Jeremy also acquired his Public Utilities Contractor (Water and Sewer) license also expanding the company’s scope of work and its ability to reduce costs while improving quality associated with its land development division. Since acquiring these licenses, Johnson Contracting has completed 14 new construction residential homes, custom barns, several remodels of commercial and residential properties, as well as new commercial construction projects. 

Our company has always been family owned and operated.  David and Jeremy Johnson, father and son, oversee day-to-day management of the company.  Pam Johnson, David’s wife and Jeremy’s mother, carries out the role of the office manager taking care of accounts payable and payroll.  Megan Johnson, Jeremy’s wife, acquired her real estate license and is the real estate agent for Johnson Contracting, Inc. further helping to assist our customers with locating property for their projects. And last but not least, Jeremy and Megan's son Fischer Johnson is already showing real interest in the family business.

Unlimited General Contractor